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Coiling Kit

Coiling Kit 6in1

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Coil Building Coiling Tool Kit (6 in 1)

Featuring a fully-fledged suite of tools purposely built to simplify the rebuilding process, with four coiling poles with sizes ranging from 1.5mm to 0.5mm. Included within each kit are two screw driver heads, 1 phillips & 1 flat head. Each coiling pole is secured to a base cover, designed with wire leads secured to the pole and then working with a top base cover for threading the wires, providing a consistent and accurate set-up. It is intended to be used to wrap consistent wires in a variety of types, ranging from twisted, parallel, and clapton coil configurations. Compact in size and a worthy addition to any builders collection, the Coil Master Coiling 6-in-1 Kit is a versatile and handy accessory.

Available Colors: Blue - Green - Red - Purple

Comes with the following Size Shafts





Phillips Head

Flat Head

Allen key