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Why Quality Coil Wire Matters

There are essentially 2 grades of coil wire.

1- Grade A

2- Complete Garbage

We all know from the "Demon Killer" fiasco that the quality of the wire matters. Demon Killer among many of its flaws, produced awful results that ranged from bad taste to poor performance.

Our wire was chosen from testing 12 different wire companies. We tested taste, longevity, and resistance consistency. Only one company that we tested stood out as being far superior to the rest. While this particular company charges nearly twice as much for their product, we found that the extra cost was well worth it. The quality of food grade SS316L, Ni80, and KA-1 Kanthal were all on par for what we expect from a coil wire. Simply put, our wire is well built.

The cost of our wire is on par with industry norms as we have chosen to make less of a mark up to achieve that. The quality is not reflected in the price in order to make sure our customers don't feelĀ  overcharged. The life you get from one coil, let alone the entire spool, is quite impressive. This leads to extreme cost savings over purchasing traditional pre-built coils.

Learning to build your own RDA deck is both satisfying and cost effective, and our customers can expect the very best experience by using our wire.