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OVNS JC01 vs Juul

                                        So, which is better?

          The JC01 or the Juul pen?

The OVNS JC01 is one of the first refillable pod systems on the market that is cross compatible with both the Juul pen, and Juul pods. Meaning, the JC01's battery works with Juul pods, and the JC01 pods work with the Juul pen.

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There are 3 main reasons why we like the JC01 over the Juul.

1. Double the battery life - The JC01 has a battery capacity of 400mah compared to the Juul which holds 220mah. This means a charge can last an entire day for even the most hardcore user.

2. Refillable replacement pods - Being able to refill your pods means both flexibility and cost savings. There are far more flavors available in the market than what is available for the Juul pods. Being able to pick and choose from the array of flavors means you will never get tired of any one particular flavor. If you have used Juul in the past, you know that the pods can get expensive. Purchasing a nic-salt bottle over pre-filled Juul pods save the user over 70% of the cost!

3. Quality of the device - The JC01 is quite frankly a better build. A sturdy aluminum body that is thin enough to not even notice in your pocket gives way to a smarter control chip which regulates the draw far more efficiently than the Juul. The replacements pods house a ceramic coil which lasts longer and tastes better.

Tip's to the use the JC01 properly.

When refilling the pod, make sure to not overfill. Leaving a small gap of air at the top of the pod ensures a proper vacuum effect for proper coil absorption. This will increase the life of the coil and ensures no dry hits.

Charging the JC01 correctly is very important for the life of the device. Try to avoid using rapid cell phone chargers. This can overload the JC01 battery and shorten it's life. Since the battery of the JC01 is smaller than that of a typical cell phone, it doesn't need a rapid charger to charge quickly. Using a USB connection to a desktop or laptop computer is the best method for charging.

Do not use a rapid charger!

Also, try and avoid over night charging. While this device has a regulator chip, charging the device for too long, especially with a rapid charger will certainly overload the battery and shorten its life. Since the battery is the most important aspect of this device, mindful and consistent charging practices are crucial. Once the top led is lit, disconnect the device from the charger as soon as possible.

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