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OVNS JC01 Instructions

How should you handle your JC01 for best results?

1. Once your JC01 is out of the box, separate the pod from the main battery body.

2. Plug in the supplied USB wire to the JC01 body and a suitable outlet. (for best results, don't use a cell phone rapid charger. The USB outlet on your computer will be more than enough)

3. Fill the pod with your favorite juice (nic-salt or CBD only, not regular ejuice). The pod is filled by detaching the top cap mouth piece and  then detaching the rubber black top gasket. Make sure to not lose these two components while filling. If you are having trouble getting the gasket off with your finger nail, try carefully using a dull kitchen knife or comparable tool. Once the gasket is off, apply the juice into the chamber. Make sure to leave a small amount of empty space at the top. This will ensure a proper vacuum effect that feeds juice to the coil more efficiently. (The juice level should never be touching the the the bottom of the gasket when reinstalled). Install the gasket and then the top cap mouth piece.

.4 Wait for all 4 LED indicators to be lit up before disconnecting the main battery body from the charging cable. Once charging is done, reinstall the pod onto the battery body and ensure a solid fit. Now you are ready to use.

Tip Summery

When refilling the pod, make sure to not overfill. Leaving a small gap of air at the top of the pod ensures a proper vacuum effect for proper coil absorption. This will increase the life of the coil and ensures no dry hits.

Charging the JC01 correctly is very important for the life of the device. Try to avoid using rapid cell phone chargers. This can overload the JC01 battery and shorten it's life. Since the battery of the JC01 is smaller than that of a typical cell phone, it doesn't need a rapid charger to charge quickly. Using a USB connection to a desktop or laptop computer is the best method for charging.

Do not use a rapid charger!

Also, try and avoid over night charging. While this device has a regulator chip, charging the device for too long, especially with a rapid charger will certainly overload the battery and shorten its life. Since the battery is the most important aspect of this device, mindful and consistent charging practices are crucial. Once the top led is lit, disconnect the device from the charger as soon as possible.


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