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Why we are a NO CLONE ZONE

We strictly adhere to the No Clone Zone policy for two specific reasons.

1. Clones are cheaply made knockoffs of brand name products. They are sold cheaper and usually branded as a "great price" to lure buyers. Clones are able to be sold at lower prices due to the fact that they are made far more cheaply, using cheaper materials and often exhibit manufacturing flaws. To sell them to our customers is not only completely immoral, but down right disrespectful to the industry's ability to innovate, as well as to customers and their hard earned money.

2. Clones threaten the sanctity of a free market. Manufactures & sellers of authentic brand name products have to compete in a market with cheaper made clones. The competition is so significant that the original manufacture and the retail outlets that sell genuine products often go out of business. This is not only parasitic but against the very principles that have made the free market the largest medium for elevating humanity into the economic middle class. Clones stifle industry by discouraging new innovation by redirecting the lions share of the sales towards bad actors.

We at CoilChange go out of our way to make sure that the products we are buying from our accredited distributors are always 100% genuine. This is done by requesting certificates of authorization from the manufactures themselves and making sure those certificates are valid and up to date.

You can rest assured that what you buy from us is 100% guaranteed authentic.